martedì 4 ottobre 2016

Jatrosom - debut tape - Flesh C30 -

The debut tape of obscure balkan project Jatrosom is confirmed.

"Flesh" is a sonic exploration of human weaknesses, sexuality, body alterations and disturbing acts of self-mutilation.

Recorded in 2016 with only analogic equipment, "Flesh" harks back to the european extreme electronics scene of the early 90's.

Listen to an extract:
Iron Lung - Soundcloud

Side A:

1. Skin, Bone, Blood, Flesh...The Nothing
2. Dreaming Of Being Dissected
3. Iron Lung

Side B:
4. Mutilated Pornography
5. My Daughter
6. Cyanotic But Mine

Limited to 50. Gold tape. For fans of PE, early industrial, dark ambient.

Dedicated to the art of Rudolf Schwarzkogler

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