sabato 17 dicembre 2016

Black metal - Orcrist and Throne of Ahaz

Some copies of

Orcrist- Catacomb LP


Throne of Ahaz - Nifelheim LP

are available.

14€ each or 25 combined.

giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

Batch 2016\2017

The following tapes will be available between end of december\begin of January

MB - BLUT - repress - lim to 50 - white tape
Jatrosom - A Pleasure So Soft A Weakness So Strong Vol 1 - red\black tape - PE\Harsh Noise
Vomir - Untitled - HNW from the French maestro - c40

Jatrosom - Slave - C30 Single Sided - one long death ambient track -

domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Burial Hex - Guardians - C50

Not gold as anticipated, but red...available now and soon from the artist.

Price as usual set at 6.50€ - distributors can get in touch for both Guardians and Kosmodrom's It Came from Outer Space.

Edition of 50.

sabato 3 dicembre 2016

Update 2016-17

2017 updates

After talking with MB we decide to repress on three differents white tapes the three infamous albums first presented in their full form in the 2010 Teban Slide Art box set, now almost out of print.
The reissues will be:
the triumph of the will

With new artwork and limited to 50 copies each.
Each tape will be priced at 6.50€ but combined deals will of course be possible and encouraged.
Going back to the fierce time of analog rawness.

December 2016:
Burial Hex's Guardians c50 will be released as soon as the printed artwork will reach our office. Gold tape, quality low speed dubbing.
6.50€ as usual.

mercoledì 23 novembre 2016

Kosmodrom - It came from outer space c40 -

From friday the new tape by this amazing serbian project will be available for you to order.
It Came From Outer Space is one of the finest HNW work dr.Alex has done so far, showcasing his vast array of skills in another context, one pretty different from what he was doing with the dead-but-not forgotten DBC project.
Two long tracks exploring the darkness and the frightening depth of space.

Green tape, blue case, pro printed j card. Limited to 50.

Note to distributors: I am not taking any order until the previously sent packages with the Djinn and Nascitari boxes reach everyone that has bought them. 

venerdì 18 novembre 2016

Postal delays

We want to inform supporters and distributors as well as artists that we are experiencing delays after the national holiday weeks. Many parcels sent between November the 4th and November the 7th are getting delayed.
If you are waiting something from us please allow some days more and in case nothing arrives at the end of next week (25/26/11) feel free to write to us so we can work a solution out.
Thank you for your understanding.
Soon we will present the November-December batch that will include Burial Hex, Vomir and Kosmodrom.

Smrt productions